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Subaru Facility, Flagstaff

H & R Construction is receiving sub bids for the construction of a new Subaru facility, including site improvements, located at 4960 E. Marketplace Drive, Flagstaff, AZ.

Contact: Nate Herbst at 402-412-3550 or

Due date has been revised to 4/9/15  3pm.


Clarification #1

Clarification #2

Final civil plans have been loaded to our plan room along with a page 3 detail sheet pertaining to the irrigation system.  Please review the plans and advise of any proposal adjustments for those already received.  If you have not submitted a site work proposal in anticipation of the updated plans, please do so by the end of this week.

Once you get into our plan room the files are located under “Flagstaff Subaru/Project Plans/Addendum 1 Plans/1228 Flagstaff Subaru Submittal 04.07.15.pdf.  The detail sheets for irrigation are in the same folder and the plans are titled “1407 – Flagstaff Subaru4-06-15 Landscape.pdf.

As a reminder.  To access the plan room go to

Click on the plan room tab

Username:  hnrfiles

Password:  plans