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SDLE OKs Major General Plan Amendment

Courtesy of City of Scottsdale

By Josh Martinez for Scottsdale Independent

Tucked away in the northernmost part of Scottsdale is a 92-acre plot of land city council has now approved for rezoning in order to make way for a new development and golf course.

Scottsdale City Council made the unanimous decision during a General Plan Amendment meeting Dec. 1. The current zoning is a mixture of commercial and office space among others, records show.

The plot of land sits at the corner of Pima and Cave Creek Roads in the Desert Mountain Community in north Scottsdale.

Several residents from the community attended the meeting to voice their support for the General Plan amendment. A common thread among all those in attendance was how this use of the land would benefit the community more than its current commercial use zoning.

According to the proposal, 87 percent of the Desert Mountain Community were in favor of the changes in zoning and use.

City staff recommended a major General Plan amendment to the 2001 General Plan to change land use on the site to about 55.5 acres of suburban neighborhoods and about 36.2 acres for developed open space for a golf course in total.

Secondly, staff requested rezoning the area to include about 36 acres of open space, environmentally sensitive lands and about 56 acres of townhouse residential, environmentally sensitive lands, the proposal states.

The final proposed resolution is requesting a conditional use permit for a golf course on about 36 acres of the site that would be zoned as open space, environmentally sensitive lands.

According to the proposal, the General Plan land use element marks the property as a mixture of employment, commercial, office, developed open space and rural neighborhoods. Almost 30 acres were dedicated to each commercial and office land use.

However, the site is primarily vacant with a water pump facility, an interim fire station and a municipal well site close to the site. The site is also close to Carefree’s airport.

Town of Carefree mayor Les Peterson said in a Sept. 20 letter to Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane he is supportive of the proposed change in land use.

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