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Results of Legislature’s Real Estate Battles

Photo credit: David Kadlubowski/The Arizona Republic

By Catherine Reagor for The Arizona Republic

Changes to renter taxes, construction-defect claims, landlords’ rights and property valuations were all wrangled during the Arizona Legislature’s short, frenzied session.

A look at each issue and who benefited and who didn’t:

— Legislation that would have done away with a tax on residential rentals, backed by the group representing apartment owners, was defeated by the cities that collect it.

The measure called for doing away with the 2 percent tax on residential rents. Arizona is one of only a few states that charge a rental tax.

— A bill that passed allows landlords to bring in the police to evict any of their renters’ guests who aren’t on the lease and don’t have specific permission to be in the home.

Housing advocates say the measure overrides renters’ legal protection from the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and they are trying to get Gov. Doug Ducey to veto it.

— A bill that passed limits construction-defect litigation costs and limits the window homeowners have to sue a builder.

The losing side in a lawsuit over construction problems is no longer required to cover the winning side’s legal costs. And homeowners have six years instead of eight years after a house is completed to sue a builder.

These legislative results are a win for many in the real-estate industry, but not most homeowners. And renters definitely lost.

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