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Resolution Completes Deepest Single Lift Shaft in North America

Photo credit: Engineering and Mining Journal

Photo credit: Engineering and Mining Journal

Source: Engineering and Mining Journal

On Nov. 18, the Resolution copper project accomplished a key milestone completing construction of the 28-ft diameter Shaft No. 10 to a final depth of 6,943 ft. This project has been used to gather geotechnical information needed to design a mine that is expected to produce 25% of the nation’s copper demand.

Construction of the shaft began in 2008. Located near Superior, Arizona, the Resolution copper project is operated by Resolution Copper Mining, which is jointly owned by Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

Cementation, a contract company with expertise in safe underground mine development, supported the project, using a largely local workforce. The completion of shaft sinking is a key milestone in developing what could be one of the world’s leading copper mines.

Resolution invested 1.52 million man-hours to complete the No. 10 Shaft. More than 475,000 tons of rock were excavated and the shaft sinkers poured more than 50,000 cubic yards of concrete and strung 13 miles of pipe.

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