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Queen Creek Commission Scheduled for General Plan Changes

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Major general plan amendments are heading for public open houses on August 29 and October 11 for comments on amendment impacts to the Queen Creek General Plan. The Town Council authorized the process at its July 18th meeting. Plans call for public hearings before the planning commission on November 5th.

Relevant Items Include:

  • Queen Creek Station (GPA12-049): Realign Ellsworth and Queen Creek roads, delete much of the proposed mixed-use designation, and reconfigure the single family residential areas to accommodate a density of 3-5 dwelling units per acre.
  • Bellero (GPA12-048): Approximately 120 acres, from “Very Low Residential” to “Low Density Residential,” allowing up to 2 units per acre.
  • Realignment and construction of Signal Butte and Meridian roads (GPA12-051): Town staff has proposed this amendment to incorporate the realigned Signal Butte Road into the Transportation and Circulation Element of the General Plan approved by the Council as part of the Barney Farms project, in addition to the recommendations made by the Arizona Department of Transportation and others regarding the future construction of both Signal Butte and Meridian roads.
  • Transit Oriented Design: Town staff proposes a change to officially incorporate TOD study recommendations into the General Plan.

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