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Pima County to Decide on $653M Bond

A new bond plan to be considered by the Pima County Board of Supervisors includes sending $25 million for restoration of the Old County Courthouse to include a memorial to victims of the Jan. 8, 2011 shootings. Photo credit: Arizona Daily Star

By Patrick McNamara for Arizona Daily Star

A $653M bond package for parks, open space and historic preservation has been recommended to the Board of Supervisors by the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee.

The proposed package exceeds the $640M ceiling the committee set last month in debates about what projects to present to the board, which has the final say in what might be presented to voters.

The largest component of the proposal is for parks and recreation, with 46 projects totaling more than $185M.

The bond proposal also includes $114M for historic, cultural and natural area conservation. Among those projects: $95M for land acquisition and $4M for implementation of the Historic Fort Lowell Park plan.

Supervisors could begin to debate the bond package as early as next month. Those deliberations could result in a smaller bond proposal to put before voters, or supervisors could decide against a bond election.

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