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Peoria Solar Darling Heading for Scrap Heap

By Patrick O’Grady for Phoenix Business Journal Blogs

Original Headline: Stirling Dishes Being Removed In Peoria

The last vestiges of one solar technology are being taken down quickly from Peoria, removing any traces in the Valley of Stirling Energy Systems.

Stirling Acquisitions LLC is dismantling the 1.5-megawatt power plant that was built by Stirling and its development arm Tessera Solar North America as a demonstration plant.

At one time, SES was a darling of the Valley’s solar scene. Its concentrated dish technology, which focused the sun’s power onto a hydrogen-fueled stirling engine, were seen as a viable technology.

But the precipitous fall of solar photovoltaic prices during the past three years as well as the company’s inability to secure a U.S. Department of Energy loan guarantee for two massive projects in California led to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The company eventually was liquidated.

CondiSys Solar Technology Inc., a Chinese company was listed as the buyer, picking up the power plant for $250K.

Salt River Project spokesman Scott Harelson said Stirling Acquisitions has until August 9 to remove the power plant next to the SRP power plant. Stirling had run the test project in conjunction with SRP, but the utility said once the company went into bankruptcy it was no longer interested in continuing with a new owner.

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