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Parks, Street Fixes Highlight Chandler CIP

By Peter Madrid for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The proposed 2016-2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the City of Chandler adds neighborhood parks, continues arterial street improvements, and makes other required facility improvements and repairs. The total amount of the 5-year program is $540 million.

Chandler’s CIP ranks No. 8 among the Top 10 programs in Arizona.

A 25% increase in the Transportation & Development CIP is due to increases in most of the capital maintenance programs and the addition of new arterial street improvements, bicycle lane improvements, and phased equipment purchases over the 10-year program.

A 59% increase in the Other General Government CIP is due to increases in Buildings and Facilities maintenance programs, an Information Technology project for a new telephone system, and funds for downtown parking.  The downtown parking program includes funding from a CIP project that did not materialize (San Tan Commons Phase II) and funds that were previously in the Downtown Redevelopment reserve.

The proposed CIP includes new construction for arterial streets and new neighborhood parks in Southeast Chandler, which are primarily funded with impact fees and grants and have little or no General Fund or bond funding.  Also included is a Public Safety Training Facility to support the Police and Fire, Health & Medical Departments. This project does require General Obligation Bonds, the majority of which will be sold in FY 2017-18 and FY 2019-20, using voter authorization from the 2007 election.

Enterprise Fund (Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, and Airport) capital projects are planned for infrastructure maintenance, repair, expansion, or replacement and use a combination of operating funds, system development fees, grants, and bonds to fund the projects.  As self-supporting activities, these requirements are weighed against the cost of debt and the potential impact on rates and fees to ensure they can be financially supported.

The proposed 2016-2020 CIP does not require any tax rate increases, continues to maintain existing infrastructure, but also adds several new projects to meet citizen amenity and infrastructure needs.

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