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Paradise Valley Plans to Address Storm Drainage

Some Paradise Valley streets flooded during a most recent torrential downpour. The town is considering $17M in projects to address storm drainage issues in the community. Photo credit: Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA

By Allison Walker for Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA

Paradise Valley’s extraordinary mountain peaks and natural desert landscape are more than just a beautiful view.

An upcoming town council meeting will discuss the unique challenges residents face when controlling floodwater and storm drainage brought on both those picturesque landmarks.

The town’s drainage system consists primarily of privately-maintained natural washes, Jim Shano, Paradise Valley Public Works director, told the Independent following major flooding last October. Underground drainage systems, bridges and culverts are limited.

“The town has identified six drainage projects totaling approximately $17M within its current capital improvement program,” Shano said at that time. “The majority of these projects focus on improving the low-water crossings on major thoroughfares within town.”

A town council presentation about storm water and future planning efforts is Feb. 26.

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