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Noted Female Architect’s Life Remembered

By Sonja Haller for The Arizona Republic

Cornelia Brierly in her earlier days, circa 1934.

Cornelia Brierly, a pioneering female architect, wanted to be inspired.

She was one of the first five women to study architecture at Carnegie Tech, which later became Carnegie Mellon, but found the course work dull.

So, she wrote the famous Frank Lloyd Wright a letter of application to his new fellowship for future architects. He wrote back: “Come when the spirit moves.”

Her spirit took her to the barren Arizona desert, and to the nation’s capital to share Wright’s vision of inspired living, as well as to Iran to work on royal gardens.

Brierly was 99 when she died on Friday, a week after entering the hospital with pneumonia. Believed to have been the oldest surviving member of the Taliesin Fellowship, she helped build Taliesin West in Scottsdale. Taliesin West is the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and Wright’s extensive archives.

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