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No Buyer Has Been Found For Arcadia Wright House

By Philip Haldiman for The Arizona Republic

Photo Credit: Scott Jarson/

The owner of an iconic Arcadia home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright still will consider offers from interested buyers, even though a 60-day period to find a new owner and stave off redevelopment has passed, its managing partner said.

8081 Meridian, owner of the Gladys and David Wright House, created the deadline to find a buyer willing to preserve the much-lauded home. The period ended Aug. 21.

Managing partner John Hoffman said a specific plan to move forward has not been set yet.

“There’s always an outside chance someone will step up at the very last minute, but at this point we aren’t aware of any sincerely interested buyers,” he said.

Wright designed the home, near 56th Street and Camelback Road in east Phoenix, for his son in the early 1950s.

The home is known for its spiral plan and elevated living quarters.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy has created an online petition asking Phoenix to approve historic preservation designation for the house, which would temporarily protect it from demolition. More than 2,500 people had signed the petition as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission is reviewing the home. The conservancy says the designation is critical in preventing demolition.

“I think time will help us connect with someone who will purchase this house on its current 2-acre site and remove it from demolition threat,” she said.

Restoration architect John Thorpe said the home uses engineered masonry and reinforced concrete, which prevent it from being dismantled or moved.

Michelle Dodds, historic preservation officer, said if the property owner decided to file for a demolition permit while historic preservation was under consideration, a public meeting would be required.

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