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New Student Housing in Flagstaff

Core Campus is proposing to build a student/young professional housing project of up to 240 units in a triangular property bordered by Milton Road on the left, Phoenix Avenue at top and Mike's Pike on the right. Photo credit: Arizona Daily Sun

By Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa for Arizona Daily Sun

Another big student-oriented housing project has targeted the Milton Road corridor near NAU’s Mountain Campus, this time on Mike’s Pike in Southside.

At two meetings with neighbors last week, developer Core Campus unveiled a project of up to five stories and 240 apartments, plus stores and a parking garage. The project would cover about 2.5 acres and border Milton Road and Phoenix Avenue, in addition to Mike’s Pike.

A detailed plan of the building and zoning request has not been submitted to the city yet, she said. The company wanted to bring the project to the community for more input before submitting it to the city.

The project would cover three parcels and have retail stores on the first floor and apartments on the upper floors on Mike’s Pike and Milton. A series of townhomes is planned for Phoenix Avenue, where there would be no retail.

Core likes the area because it provides residents with a home within walking distance of downtown and the Northern Arizona University campus. It’s also located near a city bus stop, which provides residents with an alternative form of transportation.

The maximum height of the building would be five stories with a parking garage in the center of the triangular-shaped building. Traffic would enter and exit the parking garage from Mike’s Pike. Each successive floor of residential units on Mike’s Pike and Milton would stair step back from the sidewalk toward the interior of the site to avoid creating a monolith of a building looming over the sidewalk, he said.

The company also planned to go out of its way to meet or exceed the city’s Dark Skies lighting standards. It would also work on securing the first floor retail spaces against storm water, since portions of Mike’s Pike and Phoenix Avenue are in flood plains.

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