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NAU Student Housing Project Draws Crowd

Core Campus is proposing to build a student/young professional housing project in a triangular property bordered by Milton Road on the left, Phoenix Avenue at top and Mike's Pike on the right. Photo credit: Arizona Daily Sun

Source: Arizona Daily Sun

Southside Flagstaff residents filled the basement of Our Lady of Guadalupe June 17 to voice their disapproval of a four-story housing complex for up to 670 students proposed by Core Campus for the Mike’s Pike area (AZBEX, April 22).

Core Campus is planning a mixed-use resident/retail project that would cover about 2.5 acres in the Southside area. The project would consolidate three parcels and would touch a small part of Milton Road, a section of Phoenix Avenue and another section of Mike’s Pike. It includes about 10KSF for retail on Mike’s Pike and Milton Road.

Core has met with residents four times since it proposed the project to the community in April. Despite changes to the project that Lindsay Schube, the company’s zoning attorney, said were made based on suggestions from the community, residents were not pleased with the idea of up to 670 students moving into the neighborhood.

The most common comment from residents was that the building was too high and its style too modern for the more traditional and historic neighborhood.

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