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Nation’s Health Call Center Bringing 750 Jobs to Yuma

By Joyce Lobeck for Yuma Sun

Nation’s Health, which provides support and outsourced services for a number of major government and private health insurers, will be opening a call center in Yuma in the coming weeks.

One remaining question is where the call center will be located. Bishop said the company currently is seeking a temporary location to begin operations as well as a permanent site as the call center continues to grow.

Jeff Bishop, chief operating officer, said the company intends to have the center ready to start taking phone calls by early fall with an initial work force of between 100 and 150. Ultimately, the company expects to hire about 750 people.

About half will be customer service representatives and the other half licensed insurance agents, Bishop said. The company is looking to hire insurance agents who are already certified as well as people to be trained as agents. There will also be management and other positions, such as human relations.

Bishop stressed that the Yuma call center is a result of growth in Nation’s Health business and represents an expansion of the company. He further noted that its other facilities are hiring as well.

LaVann said Yuma was on Nation’s Health radar screen through Bishop’s previous development efforts. Yuma’s three big selling points are its available work force, its location in the western part of the country and the great partnerships between its public and private sectors working together to bring jobs to the area.

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