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Mesa Sets RFP for ‘Signature Development’

Photo courtesy of City of Mesa

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The City of Mesa has issued an RFP to redevelop approximately 2.5 acres at the northwest corner of Country Club Drive and Main Street.

According to Jeff McVay, the city’s manager of downtown transformation, Mesa is seeking a signature development that announces visitors’ arrival into the district. “That’s the area’s western boundary; so we need something that, when you see it, you know you’ve reached downtown.”

His goals for the proposal ultimately chosen will focus on intensity. Ideally, the development will feature a mixed use development four stories or higher and an active first floor. Three stories is the minimum.

Both Country Club and Main are busy streets with a significant public transit focus. As such, the proposal must be pedestrian friendly at the streetscape, McVay said.

“Our downtown needs people,” he said. “As many people as we can pack into that site to help activate our downtown, the better the proposal is going to be.”

McVay noted the area falls under the city’s form based code for zoning. “Use-wise, we’re more open. The only real constraint we have is the first floor has to be active use, whether that means retail, restaurants or active office uses. Above that, it can be office; it can be residential, commercial, what have you. That’s the extent of what type of uses we’re looking for.”

Another concern the city hopes to find in the proposals it receives is a plan intense enough to require and provide structured parking. “It’s a large site at 2.5 acres. It’s a good-sized site for a downtown. It’s big enough that we should be able to get quite a bit of intensity, and I would hope they can get the cost per square foot and construction on their ROI that they should be able to do some structured parking. That’s a big element to me, that we have a development that’s intense enough that it requires structured parking.”

Deadline for submittal is Jan. 7. A pre-submittal meeting will be held at 1 p.m. next Tuesday, Nov. 10 to allow potential respondents to ask questions and get a broad overview of the RFP goals and requirements. The RFP can be downloaded here. Contact Procurement Administrator Matt Bauer, or Procurement Specialist Cyndi Gonzales at for more information.

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