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McCormick Ranch Plaza to Get Redux

Credit: APMI, Inc.

By Matthew Roy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The City of Scottsdale will consider a recently submitted preliminary application from a developer, who wants to renovate the Mercado Del Lago Center in McCormick Ranch. The project at the shopping plaza, located at 8300-8340 N. Hayden Road, will entail upgrades across the entire site, demolition of one existing building, and construction of another.

The new building, to be called Building F, will be a 9KSF one-story, mixed-use structure with anticipated restaurant and retail uses. Three locations around the building will have outdoor patio spaces for restaurants. The building will also make extensive use of shade canopies. The Jimmy Johns restaurant at Building D will also get fully shaded patios.

The existing 9100SF Building C will be demolished and be replaced by additional parking, which will make up for the spaces lost with construction of the new Building F. Both areas will get new landscaping.

Upgrades in the center will include:

  • Extending parapets at Buildings D and E to fully block mechanical units from view
  • Revising the hardscape and courtyard next to buildings on the north side of the site adjacent to Marguerite Lake (Buildings A, B, D and E)
  • A new paint scheme for the entire center

Awnings will be installed at Building A, a two-story office building, to create a shaded walking path along its south elevation. The awnings will extend over most of the sidewalk along the building.

The existing courtyard between Buildings B and E will see its fountain removed and installation of new paving. Adding to the existing walkways, a new pedestrian path will run from the lake along the east side frontage of Building D next to Chipotle and the coffee shop. The plaza’s pedestrian paths will be extended from Hayden Road to three access points along the lake.

Project owner Scottlin, LLC purchased the property in July 2015 for $8.9M. They have engaged APMI, Inc. as project architect and applicant. No project timeline or GC was identified.

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