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Mach One Breaks Suburban Office Barrier with Trammell Crow 200KSF Office Campus

N:BDG201414044Submit2014-07-10 PDP 1st SubmittalPDP BandWBy Eric Jay Toll for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Chandler’s Airport Corporate Center is getting heavy traction with the addition of a 200KSF office campus by Trammell Crow. Playing on its Yeager Drive location, the developer is naming its campus Mach One. The company plans two 100KSF office buildings.

Chuck Yeager, in 1947, became first pilot confirmed to fly faster than the speed of sound, which is designated “Mach one.”

The Trammell Crow plans come less than a week after Irgens Partners LLC obtained approval for the 526KSF flex industrial project, Ascend at Chandler Airport Center(AZBEX, Jul. 11). Although it includes office space, Mach One will come out of the ground with a different tenant objective.

“We’re dedicated to a happy and healthy employee,” explains Sven Tustin, vice president of Trammell Crow in Phoenix. “We’re designing the buildings to accommodate the technology space with 16 foot floor-to-floor space and an open ceiling to 12 feet.”

The two 100KSF buildings have a centrally-loaded plate with a chevron layout. Butler Design Group is handling the architectural assignment. No GC has been selected.

The campus has a 6.5 spaces/1KSF parking ratio. “That’s a lot of asphalt,” says Tustin. “We’re designing the site with shade and seating in the parking area to create a better employee experience.”

Workers will have shade—along with about 50 percent of lot being covered parking—from the time they leave vehicles.

“We don’t have ‘commodity workers’ in the Southeast Valley,” he says. “With their education and demographics, area knowledge workers want a good workplace experience. We’re building that.”

The tall floor-to-floor distance means more glass and views for workers. The open ceiling design means a bigger commitment to HVAC and internal climate technology, but Trammell Crow plans to attain LEED certification for the campus.

The building is designed to incorporate collaborative workspaces for technology companies. More than just a place to come to work, the lobby is designed with congregate and collaborative working areas and seating.

“It’s a functional lobby,” says Tustin.

The company submitted plans for Chandler preliminary development review on July 11 and is hoping for approval at the September 11 council meeting. Groundbreaking is slated for late fourth quarter or early 2015.