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Inspire Athletics Expanding Gilbert Facility

By Tariq Lee for The Arizona Republic

Mike and Greta Clark wanted a place where their sons could play basketball that wasn’t far from their home.

What they created was Inspire Athletics, a 52,000-square-foot multipurpose facility in Gilbert. They say it’s the only facility of its kind in the area.

The Clarks purchased the Gilbert facility, 1090 N. Fiesta Blvd., in March with three full courts and decided to add 31,000 square feet and four more courts.

Inspire will host tournaments, clinics and camps and is the home to former Phoenix Suns Eddie Johnson and Frank Johnson’s 2J Basketball Academy.

But basketball won’t be the only thing being taught at the 2J Basketball Academy. Kids can attend courses on social media, dealing with the media, and health and fitness.

Johnson wants to build with the 2J Basketball Academy a curriculum that can get kids in kindergarten and keep them until they graduate from high school and find them somewhere to play basketball collegiately, teaching them the right way to play the game.

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