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ICRI Honors Firms for Parking Renovation

Photos courtesy of Caliente Construction, Inc.

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The International Concrete Repair Institute issued two awards to Valley firms Caliente Construction and Gervasio and Associates for their work to renovate and restore the parking structure at the 21-story Regency on Central condominiums.

ICRI received award nomination submittals for 47 projects this year, 12 of which featured work on parking garages.

Caliente President Lorraine Bergman and Gervasio Forensic Structural Engineer Dennis Wipf were on hand to accept the Award of Excellence in the Parking Structure category and the Sustainability Award at ICRI’s fall convention in Fort Worth, TX last month.

Designed by Alfred Newman Beadle and built in 1964, the midtown landmark at Central Avenue and Hoover Street was once the highest residential structure in the area. It was converted to condominiums in 1971. There are two levels of underground parking that extend beyond the tower’s footprint and create a street level plaza space with planters and community gathering areas. Corrosion damage and other deterioration over time necessitated major structural repairs to the parking garage and plaza area.

The renovation process began for Gervasio in 2007 when the problems were recognized. Caliente was awarded the construction manager at risk contract in 2009. It was an extensive process to develop community acceptance for the project, which was ultimately funded in its entirety by individual condo owners. The renovation was completed in 2014 after two phases of work over four years.

The facility’s plaza and planter areas required a complete renovation, and structural repairs were made throughout the garage to repair the corrosion damage. The mechanical/electrical system was renovated and upgraded, and the mechanical room floor slab was replaced.

Mechanical improvements included more efficient chillers, cooling towers, boilers and air handlers, as well as energy efficient lighting in the garage and the exterior.

Out of consideration for sustainability concerns, brick pavers were chosen as the topping over the plaza’s waterproof membrane, rather than aggregate concrete. In addition to better aesthetic appeal, the pavers can be removed and reinstalled if and when the membrane needs repairs. Concrete would require demolition and replacement.

Other improvements include more efficient chillers, cooling towers, boilers and air handlers, as well as energy efficient lighting in the garage and the exterior.

In a statement, Wipf expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the extensive renovation.

“This project required a huge team effort; the multiple disciplines involved, the never ending new problems and unique approaches required to solve them made this an incredibly difficult job,” Wipf said. “This award belongs to all of you who were involved in this project during the last 8 years.”

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