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Housing Construction is Booming in Prescott, Prescott Valley

New homes are under construction in the third major phase of the Granville subdivision in Prescott Valley. Les Stukenberg/The Daily Courier

By Tom Scanlon for The Daily Courier

Prescott and Prescott Valley have started off the year with a bang – the bang of hammers. New houses are going up on what were once untouched hilltops and grassy valleys.

A prime example is the Astoria neighborhood, atop a hill in the Prescott Lakes development. Originally called “Falcon Point,” these 27 acres with sweeping views were cleared and prepared for building several years ago, then stalled when the housing economy tanked.

Enter Dave Grounds, owner and president of Dorn Homes. “We’ve been trying to get that piece of land for three years,” he said.

Dorn Homes is also constructing houses at two Prescott Valley subdivisions: The Viewpoint, off Viewpoint Drive, and Quailwood Meadows/Villas. Grounds hopes to build and sell 75 homes in Prescott Valley in 2015.

He is not the only one racing to raise the roof in PV.

While StoneRidge, Pronghorn Ranch, Quailwood and a few other big developments are contributing to the new homes, by far the biggest driver of the PV new-home market is Granville.

More than 1,400 new homes have been built in Granville over the last decade, with a projection for over 3,000 by the time Joe Contadino’s Universal Homes development is complete.

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