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Residences Planned Adjacent to Hotel Valley Ho

Credit: CCBG Architects

By Rebekah Morris for AZBEX

Mainstreet Scottsdale LLLP has submitted plans to the City of Scottsdale for rezoning and site plan approval to build 121 luxury apartments and nine townhome units on a 2.60-acre parcel directly east of Hotel Valley Ho in a project only known as Mainstreet Residences.

Project Description

The Scottsdale Residence project is a 121-unit, four-story building with three stories of units over a ground floor that consists of 18 units with direct pedestrian access to the sidewalk, lobby, second floor amenity spaces and covered parking. Additional underground parking is provided.

The design elements strive to create interest through deep-set balconies, transparent glazing and water features. The project rises up a total of four stories, with effort taken to activate pedestrian activity along Main Street and 69th Street, removing curb cuts and focusing on the landscaping, streetlights, and the overall Downtown experience. Large amenity spaces are provided on the second level, concentrated towards the alley.

According to the submitted project document, “the overall building form has been carefully considered to address the human scale. The massing has been broken up to eliminate the impression of a large monolithic building. This has been achieved by giving the building a strong base at the pedestrian level which is accented by a textured stone. The building mass is broken up by the rhythm of framed architectural elements that anchor the balconies along the street edge of Main Street and 69th Street. A 7’ long shaded canopy extends outward from the building to address the entry near the north east corner of the building.”

Underutilized Spaces Become Vibrant through Redevelopment

Existing commercial properties and parking lots will be razed to allow for the redevelopment project. The 130 total dwelling units matches the allowable density of 50 du/ac.

The project uses a total of 14 different parcels across 2.60 acres and assembles them into one suitable for redevelopment. The close proximity to Hotel Valley Ho, which underwent an $80M renovation by owner Westroc in 2005, and another $4M upgrade in 2017 is no doubt a driving force in redevelopment projects like this one.

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