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Historic Wright Home Owners Shock at Meeting With Lawsuit Threat

Original Sources: The Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star

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The city of Phoenix and a developer who was poised to demolish a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home have reached an agreement that will put any work on hold while a search continues for a buyer.

The agreement with the developers who bought the 1952 home in the city’s Arcadia neighborhood delays for nearly a month any demolition of the house, said Brendan Mahoney, a senior adviser for Mayor Greg Stanton.

The signed deal allows time for a potential sale to buyers who will preserve the house, and also protects the developers, who contend they were issued a valid demolition permit that the city claimed was issued in error.

The owners’ attorney, Chris Kramer, claimed that any move by the Village Planning Committee to designate the house historic would be met with a lawsuit. Phoenix attorney Grady Gammadge Jr.—speaking as an individual with ties to Frank Lloyd Wright—said that the threat was without merit.

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