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Goodyear Getting 3 Housing Developments

Map courtesy of City of Goodyear

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Plans for three new Goodyear housing developments moved forward with the Goodyear City Council’s approval of two preliminary plats and an amended final plat for the projects.

Paseo Place 1 & 2

The preliminary plats, known as Paseo Place Parcel 1 and Parcel 2, are located near Yuma Road and 183rd Avenue. Both are under development by Melcor Development Arizona Inc. and served by Chris Patton of Rick Engineering.

Parcel 1 subdivides 40 acres into 136 single-family lots, with 13 open space tracts. It will feature 8.5 acres of recreation space. Parcel 2 subdivides just fewer than 78 acres into 214 single-family lots and 26 open space tracts. This section provides 21 acres of recreation space.

Planned amenities for the Paseo Place developments include a community garden, a trail system that connects to the city’s planned trail network, ramadas, swimming and exercise facilities.

In addition, Paseo Place plans to create and maintain a butterfly garden. The garden will not feature an enclosure to keep butterflies on display or exhibit, but will instead create a designated area planted with desert milkweed and native grasses to naturally attract dozens of different butterfly species. The butterfly zone will be designated “no pull,” and pesticide use will be prohibited.

Ventilla Phase 1

The council also approved an amended final plat for KB Homes’ Ventilla project, located at Sarival Avenue and Interstate 10.

According to council records and to plans and renderings submitted by landscape architectural firm AndersonBaron, Ventilla will ultimately be built in two phases, with the Phase 1 comprising 110 homes on 14.8 acres.

Planned amenities include 3.7 acres of open spaces, swimming, and park spaces featuring play areas and picnic facilities. Access to the Canyon Trails trail system also will be available.

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