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Going up? NAU Gets $70M for Elevators, Pathways, and Roofs

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

In the second of three parts, AZBEX looks at the Northern Arizona University capital improvement plan and capital development plan approved by the Arizona Board of Regents on September 27th. ASU was covered on October 2nd and the UofA is slated for Tuesday, October 9th.

ABOR $375M Capital Budget On Its Way to Legislature

NAU requested $70M for building maintenance and improvements in its 2013-14 Capital Improvement Plan.

Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) sent $375M in capital projects to the legislature for fiscal years 2014 through 2016. ASU was approved for $250M in requests and UofA has an OK for $54M that will be bumped after the December ABOR meeting.

Renovation, Safety and Maintenance on Tap for NAU in FY 2014

Approved for $70M, Northern Arizona University plans all its 2013-14 capital spending for building maintenance and improvements for fire safety and accessibility code compliance. All funds are focused on Flagstaff’s mountain campus. Elevator replacements and new roofs are the biggest ticket items. Among the proposed improvements are upgrades to science laboratories, improving campus signage and rebuilding pathways and pedestrian access on campus. It is expected that state appropriations will fund the efforts.


Northern Arizona University Capital Improvement Plan 2013-2014

Category Description






Fire SafetyIncludes structural fire resistance, fire detection, fire suppression and egress (including ADA).
Academic / Support


“RED” Buildings – Adel, Bio, Chem, Phy Sci, SBS West


Total Fire Safety



Safety Issues – Highest Priority & Red Bldgs


Total Elevators



Sub-total Health and Life Safety








Compliance Survey – only 3 fully accessible bldgs


Curb cuts, parking, sidewalks

See Concrete

Total ADA



Building Electrical
Academic / Support


“RED” Buildings – Adel, Bio, Chem, Phy Sci, SBS West


Total Electrical



Concrete and Pedway
Trip Hazards, Deterioration


Total Concrete/Pedway



Tunnel Security


Utility Delivery


Back-up Fuel Tanks


Total Infrastructure



Priority – Failing Roofs includes replacement, patch, etc.


Total Roofing



Sub-total Mission Critical








PCB issues


Flammable Cabinets – 25


Corrosive Cabinets – 10


Total ORC



Sub-total Chemical / Hazardous needs


Grand Total


Building Renewal Formula

The request is computed using the Joint Committee on Capital Review approved formula and directions from the ABOR Central Office




New buildings are on the agenda for 2015-16 CDP, with ABOR approving the university’s request for a science research building, international programs building and Title IX-compliant athletic practice facility among its top five priorities. The school hopes funding allows expansion of the University Union dining area, two new parking structures and major renovations to the 1962 Adel Math building. No budget projections are included in the CDP.


Northern Arizona University Capital Development Plan 2015-2016


Project Name

Project Description


Science Research Building A new facility adding research and academic space to meet enrollment and research growth projections of the higher education Enterprise Plan. The space will provide opportunities for independent research and expand access for students and researchers. This space will support academic programs that prepare students for an increasingly technical world. The construction of a new research building will allow the university to remove additional red and orange buildings from north campus. Upon completion, the university will be able to utilize the old Chemistry building as temporary space while a new classroom / office building is constructed.


Classroom/Office Building The development of a new classroom/office building will allow the university to remove additional red and orange buildings from the central core. This is consistent with the 2010 Master Plan. Upon completion of a new Research Building, the university will be able to demolish Peterson and Babbitt Annex, both constructed in 1958, and temporarily utilize the empty Chemistry space as a general purpose classroom/office building during construction of a new classroom/office facility.


 Campus Utility and Energy Improvements This project will continue utility improvements needed to support increased research, academic programs, and enrollment projections outlined in the Enterprise goals The project scope will include infrastructure upgrades/replacements to improve utilities for current and future campus development including metering, steam, electrical, chilled water, system controls, and other systems support requirements.


International Programs Building A project to provide space to support the university’s expanding international programs and its global education goal articulated in the university’s strategic plan. The Center for International Education occupies previous dorm space that was minimally modified for academic usage. Additional staff and programs are being relocated into Blome as remedial solution. The new facility would provide collaborative academic space, cross cultural programming, and private advising space. The new building would facilitate coordination of functions and resources of the international programs and strengthen student services.


Athletic Practice Facility This project will address Title IX requirements and training needs for university athletic programs as outlined in the NAU Athletic Master Plan. The project would provide space for athletes currently training in the Fieldhouse and Rolle Activity Center, which do not meet NCAA requirements. The fieldhouse is 50 years old and has not been renovated since its original construction, and the Rolle Activity Center is 40 years old. Both require major renovation.


University Union Dining Expansion Student demand for meal plans is swiftly exceeding capacity. Increasing enrollments have maximized existing dining space on north campus. To meet enrollment projections and student needs, an addition to the University Union is planned. This addition will support growth in student enrollments and will expand services to students. The expansion will use the existing kitchen in the Union for prep services.


Lumberjack Math Emporium This project proposal is dependent upon successful learning outcomes as a result of an innovative mathematics instructional program. To increase student access to this mathematics program and expand program space, a permanent facility will be needed to provide the mediated learning environments required for instructional delivery. The university will explore the possibilities of renovation of Adel for the Emporium or demolition of Adel for a new building footprint.


Adel Math Renovation Adel Mathematics was constructed in 1962 and has a facility condition index categorizing it as “red.” It is anticipated that Adel will be integral to the Lumberjack Math Emporium programs. If not, the building requires extensive renovation for future academic usage.


Natatorium Replacement The building requires major renovation due to design and age. An engineering assessment is currently in progress to determine the feasibility of renovation or whether the facility must be replaced. Several major systems are failing or require comprehensive renovations to repair. These systems include structural, life safety, HVAC, plumbing, filtration, and electrical.