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Funding Approved for ASU’s $52M Block 12 Mixed Use Facility

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Photo Credit: Arizona Board of Regents

With the innocuous name, “Block 12 Mixed Use Facility,” ASU’s $52M capital construction project moves forward for a Fiscal 2012 start with the approval of the Board of Regents Business and Finance Committee. The building will house ASU’s growing engineering schools, a 200 seat auditorium, a portion of the school of construction, and expanded retail space for the ASU bookstore.  This resubmitted project has been in the Capital Development Plan for the University in some form since FY 2010.

Other projects slated for FY 2013 include $8M in IT infrastructure upgrades and $4M in athletics renovations and improvements, for a total FY 2013 investment of $64M.

The building, designed by the team of Gensler + Architekton, will house 130K SF of classroom, meeting, office and retail space. Okland Construction is the CMAR. The project is expected to break ground in November, and complete construction in March 2014, with a cost of $272/SF.

With the Del Webb School of Construction Management seeking to double its enrollment, the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment rapidly growing, the Block 12 Mixed Use Facility is needed to meet ASU’s goal for these schools to become centers of excellence and achieve top global ratings for civil, environmental, and sustainable engineering.

The existing engineering college will be backfilled with offices and classrooms scattered in ASU-leased facilities.

ASU 2012 College Master Plan defines the engineering multi-use complex as a top priority. The building will fill much of the block between E. 6th and 7th streets between Forest and College avenues. The building is planned at five stories.

The two schools moving into the building will take 56.2K SF. Another 20.5K SF will house classrooms and student recruitment areas. The retail marketplace will take about 53.8K SF, most of which will be Follett’s new ASU bookstore. The Block 12 store will be in addition to the bookstore on the main campus. Follett, the University’s bookstore management partner, is responsible for TI in the store.

The project is in the schematic design phase. ASU anticipates receiving a guaranteed maximum price from the CMAR in August, and Project Approval from the Board in September. ASU will submit a request for review by the Joint Committee on Capital Review after receiving CDP approval from the Board.