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Former Rawhide Site Set for Townhomes

Map courtesy of City of Scottsdale

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

K. Hovnanian Homes has requested approval from the City of Scottsdale for a preliminary plat as the first step in plans to develop 174 new single-family homes on nearly 22 acres in the Silverstone at Pinnacle Peak community (AZBEX Aug. 30, 2013; Jan. 10, 2015; July 14, 2015).

Silverstone is the former site of the Rawhide western theme park, which opened in the 1970s. The area’s developed parcels have been extensively reworked to mitigate the impact of decades of use by the park, and the community now boasts a mixed-use of office, residential and retail uses.

The parcel under review is located at the southwest corner of Pinnacle Peak Road and 74th Street and sits adjacent to the reconstructed Rawhide Wash corridor. Improvements to the corridor have included native landscaping and public pathways to create an open space amenity for residents and guests. Silverstone Park, a central gathering space for the entire Silverstone area, sits along the parcel’s southern edge.

The request states K. Hovnanian wants to build a single-family community that complements the area’s land uses and residential densities. The ultimate plan is to develop 98 two-story townhomes and 76 two-story duplexes. Site planning and development will be conducted in accordance with the Master Environmental Design Concept Plan approved by Scottsdale in 2005.

K. Hovnanian Homes is the developer. Land planning is through LVA Urban Design Studios. The application does not request approval or review of residential architecture at this time, and no design or contractor information was available at press time. No review schedule has been announced.

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  1. The city of S’dale should move city hall to Silver stone neighborhood to better serve the high growth of the area.

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