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July 17th 2018

New in 2018 Construction Forecast & Leading Market Series

Starting in 2018, AZBEX is offering even more opportunities to hear about project opportunities in person. A monthly Leading Market Series (website coming soon) is being added starting February, 2018. Typically held the first Thursday morning of every month, AZBEX is inviting public owners to informally discuss upcoming procurements. A formal panel discussion centered on a specific market sector will follow the Public Owners updates.  

Also new in 2018 is the January 12th Construction Forecast Event. Covering all market sectors, public and private, attendees will learn about project opportunities and trends impacting the overall market.

Each Spring AZBEX presents the Development Summit, with over 20 private developers and institutional owners talking about their upcoming projects and trends in the marketplace.  New to 2018 is a Summer event focused on Higher Education & Healthcare specifically, termed ‘Eds & Meds’. In the Fall, AZBEX presents the Public Works Conference, highlighting public infrastructure owners throughout the state where they have the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and issues they face bringing new projects to market.

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THE FIRST 2018 AZBEX FORECAST EVENT TOOK PLACE ON JANUARY 12, 2018.  Visit the event website for more details. 

Have you ever tried to figure out exactly how much construction activity is going on in the state?  Would it help you to understand ‘how big the pie is’, and what sectors are expected to see the most growth?

Come hear from the market research experts – AZBEX research staff will present total activity, broken down by market sector in this lively presentation.

Bottom Up View

Most forecasting events tend to include a lot of macro-economic data – what the GDP is going to do, population growth, and the like.

AZBEX is taking a different approach, starting with project-specific data, direct from the AZBEX database, comparing with permit data, CIP information, and much more to provide an accurate view of each market sector.  These accurate market-sector views further roll-up into an activity forecast.


AZBEX holds the annual Private Development Summit each year in the Spring. This year its scheduled for May 8th, 2018. This half-day conference has a program that runs from approximately 12:00pm – 4:30pm. Networking time is available prior to the event and at the happy hour portion following the program.

The Development Summit hosts economic development and planning experts from municipalities around the Valley, who present “shovel ready” development opportunities. This event focuses on projects you can pursue, not on industry trends. This is your chance to learn what projects are here and just over the horizon, as well as to meet important development facilitators and learn how to do business with them.

For a recap of the 2017 Phoenix Metro Development Summit, click here.


Part Industry EXPO. Par Job Fair. Part Procurement Fair. All AZBEX Awesomeness.

This event is scheduled for July 17th, 2018. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Check our



If you work in the public sector mark your calendars for October 18th, 2018. This half-day, afternoon event features the movers and shakers in Arizona public works.

Though the topic may arise, this conference is not about trends – instead, we invite experts and leaders to present actionable opportunities to attendees.

Topics cover a range of issues from K-12, infrastructure investment, upcoming projects, as well as how-tos and best practices for finding and winning opportunities in the thriving public sector.

Are you ready to do business in the AEC public works arena?

Are you trying to break into this lucrative Arizona market?

Either way, you won’t want to miss this special business growth opportunity!

For more details on the AZBEX Public Works Conference, click here.

Sponsorships are available. Please contact Rebekah Morris at 480-709-4190 or

Check out



This free event is a place for subscribers and non-subscribers alike to learn the best way to utilize the AZBEX products. Meet the staff, get a preview of the new AZBEX database, and hear tips and tricks of the trade. Networking time is available before and after the presentation, and snacks and coffee is on us! These events are generally held every one to two months. The next AZBEX101 is scheduled for June 15th, 2018. Click here to register.




In our publication and on our website, we track industry events hosted by agencies, firms and associations across the State. As with our projects bidding (found in the publication), we do the leg work of tracking down these opportunities so you don’t have to.

Make our events calendar your regular destination to stay up-to-date on who’s meeting who, where and when!