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November Monthly Membership Luncheon with ASCE – Infrastructure in the Southwest: Heat and Flooding in a Climate Impacted Future

November 8, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Arizona Country Club
5668 E Orange Blossom Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Sheila Hamilton
The Southwest represents some of the youngest and fastest growing cities in the US, with expanding infrastructure and some of the most severe forecasts for climate change across the country. With growing populations and infrastructure investments, there is pressing need to plan and operate systems that can maintain services during extreme events and protect people. To address these challenges, infrastructure agencies must recognize that design and operation guidelines are often associated with historical conditions, raising questions about vulnerability in the future. A suite of projects will be presented showing the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure systems in a future with more frequent and intense heat and flooding. The projects will highlight how current design practices produce infrastructure vulnerabilities, climate change requires new models for planning and operating systems, and systems can be positioned to reduce people’s vulnerability.

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