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Environmentalists Could Sue Over EPA’s Pollution Deal with Arizona Power Plant

By Mike Sunnucks for Phoenix Business Journal

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Environmentalists are not happy with a new deal to reduce pollution from a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation Indian reservation near the Grand Canyon (AZBEX, Jul. 29).

They could sue the Barack Obama administration over EPA’s new emissions agreement for the Navajo Generation Station in the northern reaches of the state.

“We are considering challenging it,” said Sandy Bahr, state director for the Sierra Club.

The deal gives plant owners flexibility in reducing pollution or cutting outputs to reach EPA goals.

Some previous proposals called for tougher emissions reduction benchmarks and timetables for the Navajo plant. Backers of the plant worried the facility would close and cost jobs in parts of the state that already suffer from double-digit unemployment.

Environmentalists prefer a more aggressive pollution reduction plan.

“EPA’s proposal does not meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act – there are significant issues with delays, enforceability and clear pathways to a clean energy transition,” Bahr said.

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