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Downtown Chandler Development Opportunities

By Eric Jay Toll for the Arizona Builder’s Exchange

There are seven small lots the city owns that will be out in an RFP early in 2013. “With some assembly,” Mackay says, “we can put together quite a nice project site for a developer. Infill is what is going to make the downtown really successful.”

Private Properties in Downtown Chandler

Five public and seven private parcels available for development in downtown Chandler. These are the sites where the city wants to see new development occur. Display map prepared by AZBEX; Base map courtesy of City of Chandler

Kilgore talks about some prime opportunities that are being marketed on the private side (Shown with numbers on the map), “This includes the iconic San Marcos Resort (#1; Arizona Ave. on the north side of Boston St.), seven acres which can be used for multifamily (#5; on Frye Blvd. immediately south of ASU) and a 15K SF lot (#3) approved for zero lot line setbacks. The development seen by the city puts retail on the street level and builds offices on upper floors. The site is on the north side of the old city hall.”

In addition to the previously-mentioned private projects, the city has its eye on development for Site #2, an assemblage of properties controlled by Bogle Farms and four other property owners south of the San Marcos Hotel between Commonwealth and Boston streets west of California St. The seven acres is a site where the city would like to see medium density residential development.

Site #4, a smaller infill site is held by several owners. Property assembly is necessary to put the four acres together into a single ownership for new development. The area plan and zoning allow mixed us with four to five stories on the compact area. Among the incentives for developing a site like this, the parking requirements are lower than similarly-sized parcels elsewhere and zero lot line development is permitted.

Site #6 is the one-half mile long Arizona Avenue revitalization corridor. One block deep on both sides of the avenue, it runs from Pecos Rd. on the south to Frye Rd. on the north. This area is primarily undeveloped and underdeveloped properties. The city is seeking a mix of uses. Properties are mostly privately owned and marketed.

Site #7 is 44 acres on two underdeveloped agricultural parcels on the northwest corner of the interchange of Loop 202 and Arizona Ave. A Walmart shopping complex is on the northeast corner of the intersection. Owned by Meridian West, an office park, several retail pads and a possible hotel are planned.

Developing City-Owned Properties

The city-owned parcels are on the south side of Chandler Blvd. straddling Arizona Ave. The assemblage the city calls Sites A, B and C, is north of the San Marcos Hotel between Chandler Blvd. and Buffalo St. Site D is directly across Arizona Ave. from the new city hall. Site E is north of the old city hall and across Arizona Ave. from the assembled parcels between Chandler Blvd. and Buffalo St.

On properties it controls, the city looks for consistency with the area plan, but is able to work with a development partner. Primary interests are offices, entertainment, some retail and multifamily housing. The city has partners on these sites who may want to participate with the building or financing of projects. “There is a possibility that something may come available in the next six months,” says she adds. “If it does, we will issue a new call for partners, most likely in an RFP format.”

Moving Projects through the City

The city is ready to take action on projects. “We can move quickly,” explains Kilgore. “Rezonings take the longest because of the hearing and notification requirements. If a project is in line with the area plan and good for the downtown, Chandler does its best to expedite. On building plan review, we do a free expediting in the downtown area so that if an application is complete, the review cycle is ten days or less.”

“The exciting part of all this is being done by the private sector,” sums Kilgore. “Several developers are assembling properties, and the city is helping where we can. Our whole goal in the beginning of the area redevelopment was to seed the market and attract private investors. It is starting to take hold.”

Chandler Downtown Opportunity Information





#1 – San Marcos Resort Sam Winterbottom Grubb & Ellis 770-552-2400
#3 – Historic Square, 15K SF Juston Rihs Derito Partners 602-553-2944
#5 – Multifamily, 7 acres Bill Honsaker Jones Lang LaSalle 602-282-6267
City property – 6 separate sites Teri Kilgore City of Chandler 480-728-3045

This is the third of three stories from an August 15th conversation between AZBEX publisher Rebekah Morris and Senior Correspondent Eric Jay Toll with Mayor Tibshraeny and Director Mackay in the Mayor’s conference room at Chandler City Hall. Downtown development director Teri Kilgore answered questions later. The first installment was published August 21st and the second on August 24th.

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