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Design for Kortsen Road Exit Chosen

Map credit: City of Casa Grande

Map credit: City of Casa Grande

By Melissa St. Aude for Casa Grande Dispatch

If projections hold true, the population in the 8 square miles near Kortsen and Kleck roads could increase by about 138 percent in the next 25 years.

That anticipated growth, including more houses, jobs and people, is behind the city’s plan to build a new exit from Interstate 10 at Kortsen Road.

Although construction of an exit is years away, on Thursday Casa Grande city officials held an open house to showcase what the future interchange eventually will look like.

Berwyn Wilbrink, with Jacobs Engineering Group, the firm that’s been analyzing the future interchange, said the group considered four exit types before settling on a design known as the “compressed diamond interchange” with left-turn lanes.

Improvements to Kortsen Road — up to a mile east and west of Interstate 10 — are a key feature of the future interchange.

It will be expanded, eventually up to six lanes — three on each side, Wilbrink said.

Initially, four lanes will be included in the improvements, but the city will prepare for six, building the outer lanes first and allowing room to add two additional inner lanes when necessary, he said.

Four lanes should be adequate for at least 20 years, according to Wilbrink.

The Kortsen traffic interchange would provide an important link between the east and west sides of Interstate 10.

An estimated 30,000 vehicles would drive it daily, providing an alternative to Florence Boulevard.

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