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Coolidge Main Street Project Design Begins

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By Joey Chenoweth for Coolidge Examiner

While the reconstruction of Central Avenue continues to move toward implementation, city, state and government officials are wasting no time beginning the next installment of the downtown streets program.

On Jan. 15, representatives of the City of Coolidge, the Arizona Department of Transportation and project consulting firm AMEC began the planning on Main Street reconstruction. The project entails repaving Main Street from Coolidge Avenue to Pinkley Avenue with the addition of extending the repaving of Central Avenue from Main Street to First Street.

In addition, just like the Coolidge Avenue from last summer and the Central Avenue project that is scheduled to begin sometime this year, Main Street will be outfitted with sidewalks compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act, new gutters with improved drainage, new curbs and replaced lighting.

However, unlike the two preceding projects, there is a big obstacle in the way of Main Street being completed. The city has not yet secured enough funding to complete the reconstruction as is.

Public Works Director Susanna Struble is working to find more grants and other sources to pay for it, but as of now the idea is to get creative, by splitting up the project into two parts, paying for one half while waiting on the second half until the funding is in place, while trying to save costs wherever possible.

The timeline of the project would have the construction begin sometime in the summer of 2016, though there are many different steps to get there that could cause delays. The first opportunity for public comment on the designs would be in March 2015.

Another benefit that could help move this project forward is that, according to ADOT planner Audrey Navarro, the project will only require a condensed clearance memo, meaning there will be fewer environmental hoops to jump through.

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