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Construction Jobs Growth Tops Projected 2013 Job Growth

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Big gains in construction employment are projected by Arizona Department of Administration for next year with a 13,100 increase in jobs. The nearly 12 percent jump over 2011 is the biggest percentage gainer throughout employment sectors for the state. The state is basing its projections on 13,100 jobs created by 2013 over the number of construction jobs existing in 2011.

Specialty trades is the subsector where the most jobs are projected, followed by heavy and civil engineering construction. In the building construction subsector, the state is projecting a decline in jobs next year. The reason for this is an expected boom in repair and maintenance of existing buildings as renovations, remodeling and tenant improvements continue to increase over the year. Expansion of light rail in Phoenix and Mesa is also expected to increase job opportunities. Building construction’s decline is projected because of the high vacancy rates in residential and commercial real estate.

In terms of raw job numbers, more than 112,000 jobs will be created during 2012 and 2013. Professional and business service sectors lead the way, generating 21,500 new jobs. Education and health services, along with trade, transportation and utilities sectors are close behind with 20,400 and 19,900 during the period. Construction, in terms of total number of jobs, actually
Continued budget challenges at local governments will keep government job growth to 1.4 percent, and information technology is projected to grow at less than one percent. The other services sector is expected to lose 2,500 jobs.comes in fifth behind leisure and hospitality. That sector is expected to generate 18,100 jobs.  Natural resources, mining, and manufacturing sectors are looking to grow nearly 6 percent by adding 5,200 jobs between the categories.

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