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City of Maricopa Overlay Districts in Effect

Map credit: City of Maricopa

Source: City of Maricopa

On May 19, 2015, the Mayor and City Council approved Ordinances 15-06 and 15-07 amending the City’s Zoning Map to include two new Zoning Overlay Districts, Mixed Use – Heritage (MU-H) and Transportation Corridor (TC). All ordinances are effective 30 days after adoption; thereby the Zoning Overlays are now effective.

The Zoning Overlays are intended to architecturally enhance the main thoroughfares of the City and broaden opportunities for reinvestment within the Heritage District Redevelopment Area.

Mixed Use-Heritage Overlay District

The MU-H Overlay District, as stated in Article 303 of the Zoning Code, promotes pedestrian-oriented infill development and reuse of land consistent with other City policies. As adopted on May 19, it applies to a portion of the Heritage District Redevelopment Area focusing mostly on the developed portion of the area.

The MU-H Overlay establishes investment requirements for infrastructure improvements, supports a mixed-use urban core, and establishes new opportunities for investment and redevelopment. These “new” standards serve to only further implement the RDA and Heritage District Design Guidelines pursuing compatible mix of uses and quality building design. View MU-H Overlay District standards (PDF Download).

One noteworthy provision is the Home-based Business section that identifies flexible uses of residential structures. Unlike the typical home occupation, home-based businesses do not require a full-time residence within the home. These homes, turned businesses, are intended to serve as professional offices with appointment based clientele, such as a real estate office, attorney, or tax service.

These uses have been approved as fitting well within the existing community without detrimental impact regarding traffic or parking. By broadening the potential users within the MU-H Overlay District, it opens the area to more investment and redevelopment.


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