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Chandler May Spend $190K for Downtown Signs

By Luci Scott for The Arizona Republic

Chandler City Council will vote July 26th on whether to buy signs that would tell visitors that they’re in downtown Chandler.

The city would pay half of the $190K cost for eight signs.

The two largest signs, 35 feet high with blue-vinyl lettering, would rise on Arizona Avenue at Chandler Boulevard on the northern edge of downtown, and at Frye Road on the southern edge.

The city would pay half of the sign cost, the other half to be paid by the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, an organization of downtown merchants, landlords and other stakeholders.

The eight signs are seen as the first phase.

The prospect of the signs has drawn mixed reaction.

“One would think that people are intelligent enough to know when they have reached downtown Chandler and wouldn’t need additional, oversized signage,” said Leigh Rivers, of Chandler, who describes himself as a concerned resident. “There are already signs pointing the way to downtown.”

Six other signs made of metal would be scattered around downtown. They are designed to be 17 feet high and would include kiosks containing maps and promotions of events of the DCCP.

Four signs would be oriented to pedestrians and two to motorists, pointing the way to such destinations as parking, the historic district and Chandler Center for the Arts.

The signs, to be purchased out of Arizona Avenue bond funds, would be made by Smithcraft of Phoenix.

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