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CG Streetscape Evokes European Design

Courtesy of City of Casa Grande

By Kevin Reagan for Casa Grande Dispatch

A reconstruction project of the region bordering Peart Park intends to transform the area for multiple recreational and transportation uses.

The Casa Grande City Council reviewed conceptual plans of the project during a study session Oct. 3. The project is centered on opening up Fifth Street south of the park and connecting it with surrounding pathways and streets.

Fifth Street is currently fragmented, breaking off where it intersects with Drylake Street and continuing further west near Picacho Street. This project would fully connect Fifth Street between Marshall and Drylake streets, adding a pathway for motorists to circle around Peart Park.

Developers of the project told the council that the proposed layout of Fifth Street incorporates a European concept — motorists, pedestrians and cyclists would be able to safely move through the arterial simultaneously.

Alan Ferreira, the project manager, said a main goal of the reconstruction is to increase connectivity between Peart Park and surrounding facilities. The design also proposes adding an entry plaza to the library to create an accessible pathway into a new events arena within Peart Park.

The proposed project would also create additional parking spaces and implement new landscaping features adjacent to Fifth Street. The intention is to have this new desert landscaping be educational to visitors by providing information on water conservation.

The project team will continue finalizing the design in the coming months and is calculating costs for each phase of construction, which is anticipated to begin next year.

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