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Brookings Institution Report: Phoenix 21st for Public Transit Coverage

By Cale Ottens for Phoenix Business Journal

Photo Credit: Jim Poulin | Phoenix Business Journal

A new report by the Brookings Institution ranks the Phoenix metropolitan area No. 14 in the nation for its 1.9 million jobs, but it also shows the Valley struggles when it comes to providing public transportation.

The report, “Where the Jobs Are: Employer Access to Labor by Transit,” released July 10th, indicates metro Phoenix has a coverage rate of about 81 percent. That means about four of every five jobs are located someplace that should take 90 minutes or less to get to via public transit, ranking Phoenix No. 21 among the nation’s 100 largest metros.

The public transportation systems fall short, however, when it comes to providing access to the workforce. Only about 23.5 percent of the Valley’s adults actually could get home from work within 90 minutes using public transit, ranking Phoenix No. 50 on that front, according to the report.

Public transportation tends to run more frequently where the population is denser, the Brookings says; but the report shows a fair amount of the labor force doesn’t live in those denser areas. This is happening in most metropolitan areas across the country, not just in Phoenix.

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