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Border Wall Contract Bids Open 3/6

A Donald Trump for President campaign sticker is attached to a U.S. Customs sign hanging on the border fence between Mexico and the United States near Calexico, Calif. Credit: Mike Blake/Reuters

By Elliot Spagat for Associated Press

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced it plans to start awarding contracts by mid-April for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, signaling that he is aggressively pursuing plans to erect “a great wall” along the 2,000-mile border.

The agency said it will request bids on or around March 6 and that companies would have to submit “concept papers” to design and build prototypes by March 10, according to, a website for federal contractors. The field of candidates will be narrowed by March 20, and finalists must submit offers with their proposed costs by March 24.

It’s unclear how soon Congress would provide funding and how much. The Government Accountability Office estimates it would cost on average $6.5M/mile for a fence and $1.8M/mile for vehicle barriers.

Republican leaders in Congress have said Trump’s wall would cost between $12B-$15B.

An internal Homeland Security Department report not released to the public estimates the cost of extending the wall along the entire border at about $21B.

Two phases would cost $5B.

Granite Construction Inc., Vulcan Materials Co. and Martin Marrieta Materials Inc. are seen as potential bidders. Kiewit Corp. built one of the more expensive stretches of fencing so far at a cost of about $16M a mile.


EDITOR’S NOTE: In a somewhat amusing/unusual development, several contractors in the area have let AZBEX know they have been contacted by entertainment media outlet TMZ asking if they planned to bid on the project. You can see their initial report here.

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