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The 2017 Bah Humbug! Awards

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

‘Twas the end of the year

And all ‘round the state

Business staff was lamenting

Cruel submission due dates.


Each year we call out

All the mean-hearted Grinches

Whose year-end deadlines

Throw the staffs in the trenches.


Workers want to relax

Take a cruise (All aboard!)

Our sympathy for them

Drives our Humbug Awards!


Maricopa County

Wants its boilers maintained

Due the day after Christmas

Respondents feel pain


Show Low wants bids

On Trenching and Conduit

They’re due 12/27

So you’d best hop right to it


Also 12/27

The City of Page

Wants to see RFPs

For infrastructure upgrades


Tenant build-outs for

M.L. Warwick are all due that day

Drop your sub-bids on time

You dare not delay


Pima County wants roofing

For its mobile homes

Instead of sipping hot cocoa

Staffs are toiling like drones


Navajo Tribal

Wants fresh warehouse stock

To meet that day’s deadline

You’ll need work ‘round the clock


Lift station pumps for Interior

At Grand Canyon Park

Leave us all wondering

Why their hearts are so dark


Some fresh service batteries

For the ol’ DoE

Leaves our hearts filled with sorrow

Instead of with glee


On the 28th back to Pima

For irrigation supplies

Their IFB deadline

Makes the BD teams cry


The state of AZ

Wants sand white as bleach

Don’t they know staffs

Want some time on a beach?


An IFB out of Buckeye

Wants a shade structure pad

These Holiday deadlines

Make the staff members sad


Mesa wants concrete

For Cadence Parkway

Can’t all these due dates

Just please fade away?


In Chandler, Consultants

For environmental review

The city’s procurements

Are overseen by a Scrooge


CG seeks rehab

For its SF homes

While under IFB deadline

Respondent staffs groan


CoP’ installs and restos

For airport terrazzos –

Their 28th’s deadline

Won’t win them abrazos


The Army needs SMEE

By 12/29

These holiday deadlines

Have us losing our minds!


Connect 202

And Sewer Installation

Fills all our hearts

With dread trepidation


There’s only one left

It must be the worst

Lakeview Construction

Wants sub-bids on the FIRST!


Happy Holidays from the entire AZBEX Family!

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