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AZBEX Database Brings Quality Info to AZ

By Rebekah Morris for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The AZBEX Database launched in August, 2016 with a goal of providing a complement to the twice-weekly publication. The database enables users to start and develop relationships with more ideal target clients, pursue more ideal projects and create better proposals that help subscriber firms win more work.

In the last six months, functionality has improved and the number of projects, companies and contacts has nearly doubled.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

More than 450 projects with construction value at or above $10M are currently maintained in the AZBEX Database, and more are added all the time. Project details include: Basic descriptions, CSI Division codes, status notes, links to planning and permit documents, coverage in AZBEX and more. These significant projects have full contact information for the major players: Owner, Lead Architect/Engineering Firm and General Contractor. Users can sort by valuation, project name, the date it was last updated and more. All search results pages are fully downloadable, which allows users to then import a group of projects, contacts or companies into their CRM system.

Using the AZBEX Database to Pursue Clients, not Projects

We often hear that by the time AZBEX has a project, it’s too late. The Database helps firms with this approach as well by maintaining company profiles for active players in the market. It’s important to know not only who works at a firm, but to know what projects they have in the local market, and what contracts they’ve pursued, but not won. That level of detail is in the AZBEX database. This can help take your market research and competitive analysis to the next level by preparing you for client meetings and identifying more ideal clients in the market.

Improved User Experience

Recent upgrades to the user experience include: Favorite projects, user-submitted information, activity reports and users’ notes on projects.

Database users are now able to designate a project as a ‘Favorite’ with one button in the project details page. Any updates by the AZBEX research staff to favorited projects are then sent directly to the user’s email noting the change. Favorited projects are also shown on the users account page.

Anyone has the ability to submit a project or contact suggestion to the AZBEX database for consideration. This function isn’t behind a login screen, it can be found here. Once a project or contact is submitted, our research staff verifies the accuracy of the submitted information and then uses it to update the database.

Activity reports were created so regular database users can see either new or recently updated projects at a glance. This helps firms who track large numbers of projects across many market sectors, who need a better way to see only what’s changing in the market. Newly added projects similarly give users an ‘at a glance’ view of new projects for them to consider tracking.

User Notes enable database subscribers to add internal notes about their thoughts or actions related to the project. These notes are kept to that users account only; they’re not shared with any other database user. All project notes can be viewed in the account settings, perfect to have ready for your internal sales or marketing meetings.

Information is Constantly Updated

More than 75 percent of projects in the database were updated in the last 60 days. What that means for users is that the information in the database is very current, and constantly changing. Since launching the service, the quantity of projects has more than doubled, and the number of contacts has grown by 90 percent.

Schedule a Demo Today

If you’re not yet using the AZBEX Database and want to see what it can do for your specific company’s needs, contact David Turner to schedule an in-person demo today at 925-890-5023, or by email

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