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AZBEX Announces Company Rebrand

Those who attended the AZBEX 2019 Construction Activity Forecast on January 10 got a preview of an important company change for 2019.

The Arizona Builder’s Exchange has announced we are rebranding and will be known as BEX.

AZBEX Vice President of Operations, Rachel Pratt, took attendees down memory lane, from 2010 with President and Founder, Rebekah Morris’ first issue of the Digital Magazine, a six-page, black and white newsletter she gave away for free, to Morris hiring the first employee (Rachel), and beyond.

In 2015, events were added to cover both the public and private sectors of development: The Private Development Summit and the Public Works Conference.

In 2016 the AZBEX Database was launched as a way to track all projects in Arizona with a valuation of $10M and above from the pre-planning/planning stage to construction completion. In 2017, that valuation threshold went down to $5M.

In 2018, AZBEX added the Construction Activity Forecast, an annual January event that analyzes data from the AZBEX Database to show the top players/projects in each market sector and project industry trends for the next five years. Also added was the Leading Market Series, a smaller, breakfast meeting that dives into each market sector for trends and upcoming projects.

As more services were added, however, it became blatantly obvious there were too many different color schemes, websites, and brands happening, so the decision to rebrand was born.

After spending months working with different color schemes, design elements and logo variations, and conducting two focus groups for user feedback, AZBEX is now BEX!

BEX will be the umbrella company that houses the company’s three main service lines:

• BEX Events, which presents the Private Development Summit, Public Works Conference, Construction Activity Forecast and Leading Market Series;

• AZBEX: the Digital Magazine;

• Databex: the Database.

While BEX Events was introduced at the Forecast event, AZBEX and Databex are expected to be rolled out at different dates in 2019. Stay tuned for upcoming changes!

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