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AZBEX 101 Lands in Tucson

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Most of the AZBEX staff descended on Tucson this week to help subscribers make the most of the organization’s services and let them know about new and upcoming offerings intended to help them win business.

Eighteen attendees packed the meeting room at GLHN’s offices on East Broadway Road in Tucson for the lunchtime seminar.

Publisher Rebekah Morris introduced the staff and went around the room with a series of questions intended to shape the presentation and identify what attendees most wanted and needed to learn to make the most of AZBEX’s offerings. Answers included wanting to learn more about the recently launched AZBEX projects database, using the publication and database to identify ideal clients, staying current on project updates and quickly finding RFPs.

Morris guided attendees through the various sections of the publication, pointing out power-user tips and tricks on how to best navigate to and through specific sections, locate new project information, check trends and opportunities, and search by keyword for terms of specific interest.

She also introduced them to the AZBEX database, giving an overview of the size and types of projects currently listed and how to search by a variety of different criteria. This was followed by a sneak peek of new features planned for rollout in the coming weeks and months, including an update alert feature that will let subscribers save their favorite searches and receive notifications whenever those projects are updated, a service many subscribers have been eagerly awaiting.

Another item of particular interest for several attendees was the annual CIP Special Report, which tracks the five-year plans of 28 agencies around the state and offers in-depth information to subscribers, saving them the hours of work they would have to spend to scrub through the source documents themselves.

On the whole, attendees were pleased with the information shared over the event, and with AZBEX services in general. Among the feedback were comments such as, “The database is really easy to read and nice to look at. There’s no microscopic text,” and, “The first thing we do with new hires is sit them down and have them read AZBEX. It really helps get them up to speed and around the learning curve.”

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