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AZ Passed Over by Federal TIGER Grants

Credit: ADOT

By Rebekah Morris for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Late last month, the Department of Transportation (DOT) awarded nearly $500M in TIGER grants to projects throughout the nation. Unfortunately, Arizona was passed over for this round of funding.

All 50 states submitted applications for this funding: 585 eligible applications were received, totaling $9.3B in requested funds. Since the program’s inception in 2009, a combined $5.1B has been granted to projects in all 50 states and major territories, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and tribal communities.

ADOT had submitted requests for $49.5M in federal funds for two projects in the state: improvements to SR 189 in Nogales, and the Virgin River Bridge No. 1 on I-15.

The non-award has no impact on the current plan for completing the projects. Instead, if the TIGER grant applications were successful, the projects would have been accelerated from their current funding plan.

As currently planned, the projects will happen in the five-year plan (AZBEX, June 21, 2016).

Virgin River Bridge No. 1

The $33M project has construction funding programmed for Fiscal year 2019. Design monies of $2.5M are programmed in Fiscal year 26-17. Built in 1964, the bridge has never undergone significant upgrades. This stretch of interstate also has the dubious distinction of running through Arizona, but not containing any exit points to land in the state.

US 191 – State Route 189 Improvements

The $68M project will improve the 3.75-miles between SR 189 (Mariposa Road) and I-19. Proposed upgrades to the route, which connects the Mariposa Port of Entry with Interstate 19 and Interstate Business 19/Grand Avenue, include a raised median and improving ramps connecting with I-19. Four million in funds for design services are programmed for Fiscal year 17-18.

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