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Arizona Ranks 8th in Year-Over-Year Construction Job Growth

Original Source: Associated General Contractors

Original Headline: Construction Employment Declined In 30 States between August 2011 And 2012, While 26 States Lost Construction Jobs for the Month

Despite a one-month decline, Arizona ranked eighth nationally in construction jobs added in August 2012 when compared to jobs filled a year earlier. The Associated General Contractors’ monthly report Arizona shows a 6.7 percent job growth with 7,500 new jobs created in the year-to-year comparison. The one month value showed a 500 job decline in August over July.

Arizona fared well when compared to most other states. Year-over-year comparisons showed 30 states with job losses.

In terms of percent jobs lost, the three hardest hit are Alaska, Nevada and Mississippi. In actual jobs lost, the top three are Illinois, Georgia and Florida.

District of Columbia, North Dakota, and Nebraska had the biggest percentage increases. Texas, California and Indiana created the most construction jobs.

Association officials said that construction employment was suffering from Washington’s failure to act on a number of long-term infrastructure and tax measures. They noted that Congress has yet to enact long-term water infrastructure measures, address transportation funding challenges, or set tax levels for future years.

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