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Who: The team consists of six industry professionals who live and breathe researching opportunities for our subscribers.  We love finding new and creative ways to find the projects no one else knows about.  Contrary to popular belief – by the time a project is in our print publication – everyone does NOT know about it.

What: The AZBEX Publication is a ‘Tip Sheet’ combined with a ‘Top News’ stories – each PDF contains hundreds of both open bidding project opportunities plus leads on private work that’s still years away, news about project funding sources, and much more.  At the end of the day – everything we publish is designed to get our readers work and stay profitable.

When: 5am, Tuesdays and Fridays. Where: Delivered straight to our subscribers inboxes.

Why: Because no one person can know everything about the market.  Even if you’ve got staff in house to find opportunities, subscribing to AZBEX both enables them to spend more time pursuing the projects vs. finding the leads, and spending more time developing relationships and crafting proposals than looking for and tracking project leads. Additionally, if all the marketing and project pursuit knowledge is stuck in one person’s head, that becomes a risk to the business.  Using AZBEX as a tool to educate the team about the market insulates a firm from losing out on project pursuits if one key person leaves.

How: If we told you all our secrets, we’d have to kill you…  Just kidding. If you’re dying to know how we do it all – we’ve created systems that help us track the market in a comprehensive way: from public bidding opportunities to private projects, active players in the market, approval processes, and much more.