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National 1st for White Tanks Treatment Plant

Courtesy of Evoqua

By AZBEX Staff for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

EPCOR Water recently awarded Archer Western, part of the Walsh Group, the White Tanks Regional Water Treatment Plant 2019 Expansion and Process Upgrades, a $22M project.

The project includes installing a CoMag system for a drinking water facility. CoMag, by Evoqua, uses magnetite, or fully oxidized iron ore particles, to settle particulates up to 30 times more quickly than other methods used in water purification processes. This will mark the system’s first installation in the U.S. According to Archer Western, the system also extends equipment service life.

An announcement on Evoqua’s website claims, “The CoMag system settles floc up to 30 times faster than conventional treatments, enabling plants to increase capacity and clarifier performance. It can achieve total phosphorous down to 0.05 mg/L and can achieve UV transmittance greater than 75 percent when integrated into any type of coagulation/flocculation process or clarifier. The CoMag system also is the only ballasting technology with an internal recycle from clarifier underflow to process tanks, which reduces chemical consumption. Magnetite ballast, which is added into the chemical reactor to accelerate settling, is continuously separated from the clarifier underflow stream. Typically, 99 percent of the magnetite is recovered and reused in the system.”

An Archer Western representative credited the company’s relationships with both EPCOR and Evoqua as contributing to the project award. “Award of this project reflects the trust and capability of our team to deliver this high-profile project with safety and quality at the forefront,” said Brad Sanders, Program Manager of Archer Western’s Arizona Region, “We have had a great partnership with both EPCOR Water and Evoqua in the Southwest for years. Integration of this technology at the White Tanks Treatment Plant is exciting for the client as well as our industry.”

Construction is expected to begin in January, 2018 and be complete around May of 2019.

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